Multifunctional Pedal Puller Sit-Ups Men And Women


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Note: The strength of the tensioner is within 1 meter of the stretched length. If the stretched length exceeds 1 meter, the spring may be deformed! ! ! It is not recommended to stretch more than 1 meter, please know! ! !


*1. The high-density PU handle contains steel pipes, and the outside is high-density plastic. The humanized feel design is smooth, serrated, etc., more beautiful and practical!

*2. High-strength elastic spring, thickened and thickened high-strength spring, made of carbon steel, durable and not easy to crack. Strong fitness. It is more widely used in the group.

*3. Widened and thickened pedal design. The pedal belt is also widened, thickened and heightened, making the movement more comfortable and safer.

*4. The bottom of the steel pipe is supported. In addition to the widened PU design at the bottom and the handle, the steel pipe is inserted, which is stronger and safer.


Size: 27 * 34cm

Color: blue / purple (reinforced double spring)

Net weight: 1kg

Scope of application: fitness people, all ages

Product features: You can exercise at any time even when you are traveling. Use the pedal auxiliary tensioner to make the exercise step by step

Product List:

1 * Double spring footrest tensioner


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Waist & Abdomen Exercise


Pedal Exerciser

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double spring footrest tensioner


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