Skin Care Repair Snail Essence Hyaluronic Acid Serum


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1. Effectively replenish and lock water for dehydrated skin. The snail fluid essence can provide a lot of moisture for the skin instantly. Its unique ingredients allow the skin to easily absorb moisture with zero stickiness, while preventing moisture loss, so that dehydrated skin instantly Rehydrates and hydrates.
2. Take care of sensitive skin against damaged skin and strengthen the skin protection screen. Because the ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture is reduced, the formation of sebum film on the skin surface is incomplete. Damaged skin needs a lot of water to supplement it. Snail fluid is providing skin with a lot of moisture and increases. The skin’s water-blocking barrier allows the skin to regenerate with sufficient moisture.
3. Mature skin fights skin aging and smooths fine lines. It also contains allantoin in snail fluid of young and tense skin. It works with adenosine to improve the skin structure and strengthen the skin against dullness, fine lines, pigmentation and other aging problems. ability.
4. Acne skin repairs acne scars and increases skin elasticity
Snail fluid essence contains natural antibiotics, which can kill the bacteria that cause acne. At the same time, it continuously injects water and other precious ingredients into the skin, replenishes and repairs scars and acne marks. 96.3% high-concentration snail stock solution can effectively solve skin problems, combat sensitive skin, dry lines and fine lines, excessive oil secretion, acne scars, dehydrated and dry skin, and enlarged pores, giving skin new energy.

How to use: Apply after cleansing and toning, gently massage until absorbed


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